What is Nutrition?

There are over 20,000 edible plants on Earth and only about 100 plants are grown as crops. 

The definition of nutrition - The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. These nutrients are found in food and drink that provide nourishment to the body in the form of:

Substances which provide energy
Building blocks for bone, muscle, organs, hormones and blood
Substances needed for processes to occur in the body (like digestion)
Substances that protect the body (immune system)

These Nutrients are drawn from a wide variety of food and the more varied your diet, the more likely you are to obtain all the nutrients you need.

The Nutrients that the body needs are
          Saturated Fat
          Sodium (salt)


A balanced diet for an average adult is made up of the following nutrients each day:


Unit of Measure

Daily Value

Total fat                                grams (g)                                65
Saturated fatty acidsgrams (g)20
Cholesterolmilligrams (mg)300
Sodiummilligrams (mg)2,400
Potassiummilligrams (mg)3,500
Total carbohydrategrams (g)300
Fibergrams (g)25
Proteingrams (g)50
Vitamin AInternational Unit (IU)5,000
Vitamin Cmilligrams (mg)60
Calciummilligrams (mg)1,000
Ironmilligrams (mg)18
Vitamin DInternational Unit (IU)400
Vitamin EInternational Unit (IU)30
Vitamin Kmicrograms (µg)80
Thiaminmilligrams (mg)1.5
Riboflavinmilligrams (mg)1.7
Niacinmilligrams (mg)20
Vitamin B6milligrams (mg)2.0
Folatemicrograms (µg)400
Vitamin B12micrograms (µg)6.0
Biotinmicrograms (µg)300
Pantothenic acidmilligrams (mg)10
Phosphorusmilligrams (mg)1,000
Iodinemicrograms (µg)150
Magnesiummilligrams (mg)400
Zincmilligrams (mg)15
Seleniummicrograms (µg)70
Coppermilligrams (mg)2.0
Manganesemilligrams (mg)2.0


The above reference values for daily intake levels based on an average adult diet of 2000 calories. However, an individual's intake may vary depending on their energy needs and lifestyle activities.


RDA Values for Nutrition for Infants, 
Children Less Than 4 Years of Age, and Pregnant and Lactating Women



Under 4    Women    

Units of Measure

Vitamin A             1,5002,5008,000International Unit (IU)
Vitamin C354060milligrams (mg)
Calcium6008001,300milligrams (mg)
Iron151018milligrams (mg)
Vitamin D400400400International Unit (IU)
Vitamin E51030International Unit (IU)
Thiamin0.50.71.7milligrams (mg)
Riboflavin0.60.82.0milligrams (mg)
Niacin8920milligrams (mg)
Vitamin B60.40.72.5milligrams (mg)
Folate100200800micrograms (µg)
Vitamin B12238micrograms (µg)
Biotin50150300micrograms (µg)
Pantothenic acid3510milligrams (mg)
Phosphorus5008001,300milligrams (mg)
Iodine4570150micrograms (µg)
Magnesium70200450milligrams (mg)
Zinc5815milligrams (mg)
Copper0.61.02.0milligrams (mg)


The above is the Vitamin & Mineral RDA for infants, children under 4, pregnant and lactating women. 

Disclaimer: This information is for general knowledge and should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. You should always consult a licensed physician or medical professional for diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition and before starting any weight loss or fitness regime.

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