Advice For Staying Safe Online

  • 1. Always check the URL for or at the start of any links or emails received.
  • 2. Guard your personal information.
  • 3. Never give out username or password, not even to EVERONE or Veganbay.
  • 4. Research the item you want to sell or purchase.
  • 5. Never give out social security numbers, drivers licence, bank account details and credit card numbers.
  • 6. Never agree to unusual payment deals. Never use a bank transfer for payment
  • 7. Always pay by credit card when using paypal.
  • 8. If meeting in person meet at a public place full of people example a super market car park.
  • 9. Always count money if cash is given locally in front of the buyer.
  • 10. Always book directly with delivery services, Do not book through 3rd party websites.

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